Distant Reiki Healing - Hertfordshire

In the comfort of your own home or where ever you maybe, distant Reiki healing can be activated and transported to you.

You will feel very relaxed during the session so lay down comfortably and be prepared to possibly drift asleep. You may feel like you're dreaming or visiting past memories, you might see colours or even your guardian Angel. Anything you see or feel will be a part of your healing – A message of guidance and direction.

You may feel slightly tired or emotional for the next few days, this is the body cleansing and shifting physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. After your healing be sure to rest, meditate, drink lots of water and be extra kind to yourself.

Reiki is currently used in medical associations and helps the body to release trauma so you can move forwards more freely on your journey.

Treatment Price:
Distant Reiki Healing 1 hour £40
Next Steps:

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